Terabyte Records

Drum & Bass + Dubstep

Terabyte Records,
Flat 21, Room 6, Mason, The Vale,
Edgbaston Park Road,
B15 2RQ

E: general@terabyterecords.co.uk

We're Terabyte Records, a Drum & Bass and Dubstep label based across 3 cities: London, Birmingham, and Leeds, with St. Albans also an area we're often found in. Affiliated artists include co-founder Altered Perception, Zach Herer, Crow, AuT0maTe, Freq Collective and many more.

Any demos of tracks you've produced, or mixes you've made, email us at the address on the left hand side. We will listen to everything! We're always looking to expand, particularly in the Birmingham & Leeds areas, as this is where we are situated for the longest. Show all your mates, listen to our uploads, share the passion.


the Terabyte team!