Influences: Pan

This post marks the first forays into a new feature on the Terabyte blog, imaginatively titled the 'Influences' series. As the name suggests, this is a chance for some of our artists to take us back to the tracks that they feel define them as an artist today.

First blood comes from London-based Pan, who's debut release arrives on our Hardwired sub-catalogue on 11 March.

UB40 - Strange fruit

'I would say my core influence of music making is reggae/ska, I can remember from a very early age that it had a much deeper feeling than anything Now 64 and the likes had to offer. When I started to appreciate music more, I revisited my Dad's old records. This track always had a strange mood about it, almost impending doom. This is something I always try and feature into my music, that general stress of day-to-day life. It wasn't until I was older that I looked deeper into the lyrics and let them paint the picture for me.'

Prodigy - Firestarter

'This is a track that also stood out to me in my early years, the distorted drum breaks and punk vocals gave me then feeling that music should have attitude and energy. The elements of sampling used opened my eyes to see the real possibilities making music.'

Massive Attack - Teardrop

'First things first, that snare! The production behind this track has made me so aware of all the small details in an exceptional piece of art. From the vinyl cracks to the arpeggiated harpsichord, it's just full of elements to keep you interested while the soft tones take you on a journey.'

Skream - Filth

'I first heard this track at a 16+ rave and it changed everything about music for me. I was so attracted to the simplistic arrangement and how the bass was the main groove of the track, it wasn't like anything I'd ever heard.'

Dub Phizix & Skeptical ft. Strategy - Marka

'Although this is a relatively new track compared to the others, it made me so aware of the possibilities drum and bass offers. The halftime swing was something I could relate to from the early dub and dubstep influences, it just has a certain kind of funk that is predictable yet has space for even more interesting grooves.'

Be sure to cop Pan's debut release as of 11th March.

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