Influences: PRTCL

Our third iteration of our ever-expanding 'Influences' series comes from Joe London aka PRTCL. With close ties to Flexout Audio, PRTCL has been (and will continue to be) recognised for his technical sound engineering capabilities, so much so he writes his own blog about his techniques.

In April 2016 his team effort with Rude FM resident Sweetpea, '400Ft / Afterthought' was unleashed to the masses, swiftly making a charge up the D&B charts.

We caught up with Joe to find out what music made him tick.

MJ Cole - Sincere

'UK garage was the first genre I listened to outside of pop music on the TV or my parents' music. I first illegally downloaded tracks using Napster at a friend's house, and the first proper party I went to was a Garage party, so I probably have a lot to thank Garage for in my current music taste. It'll be hard to pick out one tune from the genre which has been the most influential, but 'Sincere' has to be my favourite of all time.'

Nas - The World Is Yours

'The Nas "Illmatic" album was hugely influential on me when I was younger. I first heard this track on a Tony Hawks game and I was instantly hooked on the combination of the big break beat and mellow, textured and harmonic sample. I think this was one of the first albums I bought which was something I decided on independently, as in, which wasn't influences by what other people were listening to around me. I haven't stopped listening to this album since I bought it about 14 years ago, for me it's timeless.'

Break - Surroundings

'Break has always been a big influence on my sound, like many other people I'm sure. 'Surroundings' was the first track of his that I heard, it was featured on the Andy C and Grooverider double mix CD in 2007. When I first started listening to drum and bass it was jump up that I was into, so this was the first track I listened to (and bought) that was a bit more on the tech end of the spectrum. I'd say this track was one of the most influential tracks on me to date, It was the first track I listened to in the genre where I really noticed the drums, I'd always listened to the basslines in drum and bass so this opened my mind up to a new way of listening to music, and making it, as I had started producing around that time.'

Skeptical & MC Fokus - Fluctuate

'I think Fluctuate was the first 'minimal' drum and bass track that I heard that really caught my attention. Skeptical was the first 'minimal' producer that I heard in fact, and it really opened my eyes to how far you can push the 170 tempo. What grabbed me about this tune is how stripped back it was, but how powerful and distinctive the track was still.'

Curtis Mayfield - Pusherman

'I've only been getting into funk recently but I'm really feeling the groove of a lot of the genre. I listen to a lot of Curtis Mayfield tracks but this has to be my favourite. It's such an infectious groove and very distinctive, tracks like this really make me want to inject a bit more movement into what I'm making, and that's exactly what I've been trying to do with my more recent productions.'

Grab PRTCL's '400Ft / Afterthoughts' release here:

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