Influences: Sam Binary

Our next instalment of our 'Influences' series comes from Sam Lillywhite, more affectionately known as Sam Binary. Sam made his debut on Terabyte on the Hardwired inaugural compilation album, and swiftly made his way onto the main catalogue.

His minimal style comes hand in hand with a truly maximal approach to production, and his music is testament to this.

Sam's debut EP 'Rule of Five' will hit the stores in April 2017, and we caught up with him to see what made him the producer he is today.

Photek – Knitevision​

'Anyone that knows me will tell you that I normally bring Rupert Parkes into a conversation when someone mentions “the best that has ever done it” and I think this tune is arguably the definition. Razor sharp drums, a dark brooding bassline but with just the slightest glimmer of hope, all wrapped up in the analogue warmth of a 90’s EMU Sampler. Every time I listen I hear something different, it makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up and to me that is the hallmark of a masterpiece…'

Calibre – Highlander

'I remember hearing this on Fabio & Grooverider’s show back in 2006 and it remained on my mp3 player throughout my years in secondary school, lovely synth and string work and an addictive vocal made it such a feel good tune for the shit British weather. I’m sure Calibre makes his way into many people’s influences and it’s a hard choice to pick just one of his songs to put here, but as my first vinyl purchase this one brings back fond memories of being unable to beat match on Citronic turntables!'

Ed Rush, Optical, Fierce – Cutslo (Lokuste Mix)

'There is a lot of dnb / jungle in my influences list, many draw inspiration and feed off a lot of sounds outside of the genre they work in, and I do to some extent; but I like to think I’ve gained the biggest inspiration purely from my passion for drum & bass. Tunes like this are why I started making music and I’d even go as far as saying this is one of my favourite of all time, a journey to the darkest depths; and a perfect example of what you could do with analog hardware in the 90’s!Not to mention probably the best 2nd drop ever written too…'

Synkro - Acceptance

'This was the first tune in Dub Phizix’s Kmag mix back in 2011, and came at a time when I was starting to take writing music seriously (or attempting to anyway!); days at college that I should have spent revising and doing coursework were actually all about listening to that mix on repeat. Synkro seems to have a brilliant way of evoking so much emotion in the music he writes and hauntingly beautiful is my favourite way of describing this. Tunes like this have given me great sources of inspiration for writing music on the deeper end of the spectrum.'

Travis – The Last Train

'A slightly obscure choice based on the rest of this list, but I grew up listening to the likes of Travis and remember spending a lot of time reading with their album “The Invisible Band” playing on my Alba HiFi in my younger years (thanks Mum and Dad for introducing me to them!) My parents had a pretty eclectic music taste ranging from The Beloved to the likes of Morcheeba or Sash! and I think this has probably made my own taste as varied as it is.'

Keep your eyes peeled for Sam Binary's 'Rule of Five EP', released on Beatport from April 14th.


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