Influences: Anapa

As we celebrate another notch on the Hardwired belt, we caught up with debutant Jono Oliver aka Anapa on his musical influences with our ever growing 'Influences' series.

Sabre, Stray & Halogenix - St. Clair

'This one from the Ivy Lab boys is one of my favourite releases on Critical the A side ‘Oblique’ is also a contender for one of my favourite tunes, but the bass funk on St Clair is just one of the best in the genre! The way the tune pulses along, pretty minimal but super, super funky is just perfect for me, it’s exactly what neuro style D&B is all about: ultra clean mix down, minimal elements, no super complex synths and melodies, just a nice ambience, a lovely break, and that fattest bass funk ever.'

Homemade Weapons - Concubine VIP​

'I’m a sucker for any drum and bass that doesn’t follow standard kick-snare patterns. Don’t get me wrong; I flipping love rollers! But the deep, steppy beats that producers like Homemade Weapons, Dub Phizix, Clarity, Arkaik etc. are making are always super interesting to me, I love how tight and reigned-in the main break is in this tune, only to be broken up by scatty amens all over the place. Homemade Weapons use of the varying spaces around the percussive elements is something I always try and recreate in my tunes.

DJ Rashad - Feelin (feat. Spinn & Taso)

'Gotta lot of love for footwork & juke shit and the extremities it takes the 808 work of dirty south hip hop to! The whole Teklife crew have been crafting some real original beats for a long while, and this is one of my favourites. The layered amen gives the whole thing a jungle vibe too which links together two eras and scenes really nicely. It’s cool to see the collision between the two cultures of hip hop and jungle/drum and bass coming together in this music, and its definitely a sound that resonates with dance floors here in the UK, with DJs like Fracture, Binga, Alix Perez, and others pushing the juke-y sounds, it makes for some real interesting DJ sets when you hear people blending neuro/dnb sounds and footwork/juke stuff.'

Big L - 8 Iz Enuff​

'My other musical passion except drum and bass is hip hop, specifically, New York at the turn of the 90s, I think it was such a creative time for music, and obviously the sampling techniques pioneered by Marly Marl and others had a huge influence on all dance music made since then! I love the darkness of this whole album, and the gritty simplicity of Buckwild's production on this track is wicked; just a nice break, a fat bass groove and some floaty brass and atmosphere, pretty much the same recipe as good minimal drum and bass! Also how many tunes do you hear that has 8 MCs on and all of em fire?!'

Break - Music Is Better

'No drum and bass list is complete without a tune by Break. The dude is basically a wizard, and I could have picked pretty much anything out of his huge back catalogue! This one stands out because it’s Break at his best: a lovely, noodley, jazzy intro that builds into some of the hardest hitting neurofunk out there. You can always tell its a Break tune because his drum sounds are super distinctive; normally really organic sounding, and his basses are so nicely processed and crunchy. I really feel like he elevated the scene to another level with his production, his tunes are normally devoid of unnecessary mega-weird sound design, keeping it nice and simple, but the funk created between the bass and the drums is always absolutely flawless.'

Ears up! Anapa's debut release, 'Dead Steps / Come Wi Dat', airs with Beatport from 2nd June.


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