Influences: Octahound

With Octahound crash-landing onto the scene with their single 'Glimmer', it was high time we discussed their favourite tunes as the next part of our Influences series. Here's their top five.

M-Beat feat. Nazlyn – Sweet Love

‘This track felt like a true milestone when it came to vocal jungle music. Rather that just simply sampling Anita Baker’s version from the previous decade – a format we all became far too familiar with during the jungle-techno era, M-Beat and Nazlyn decided to make a full on cover. This kind of production for a jungle track was unheard of back then and in my opinion smashed the original to pieces. It was when an occasional vocal track was dropped in at a rave that really gave me a rush and hooked me on the music. This was also one of the first records I ever remember owning’ – Naomi

Nasty Habits – Shadow Boxing​

‘Being not quite old enough to get in to the raves during the mid 90s, my earliest memories of D&B would have been listening to Dr S Gachet’s radio show ‘1 in the jungle’. He would play this Doc Scott tune every Friday night religiously for what felt like the best part of a year. I was absolutely hooked, I remember thinking that these drums must have been programed electronically – no amen or speed up breakbeat from the 70s in this one. It felt like a brand new sound of it’s own which fascinated me’ – Danny

Roni Size – Heroes

‘This tune got me through some sad times and will always be one of my favourites – we’ve covered it a couple times during a live performance. I love a vocal tune that gives you goosebumps’ – Naomi

‘Yeah Roni’s been a big influence on me to, I think ‘It’s jazzy’ would have been one of the first records I ever brought. Back then we were really spoiled for record shops in Cambridge with two of them being dedicated to D&B – RIP Rhythm Syndicate Records & Street Wise Music.’ – Danny

SpectraSoul feat. Terri Walker – Light in The Dark

'SpectraSoul manage to blend funk-soul and minimal D&B absolutely perfectly in this one. On top of that Terri’s vocals fit to a tee’ – Danny

‘The feelings that this track gives me is not just euphoria, but also a sense of darkness’ - Naomi

Logistics – Triangles

'Gotta pay my dues to Loggy for paving the way and putting Cambridge back on the map of D&B. He often uses jazzy organs along side reversed guitars and pianos, all things I find myself going back to all the time. For this tune I think its simplicity is what makes it work so well. When you’ve got a great vibe, you don’t need no bells and whistles. This is something we’ve adopted.’ - Danny

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