Influences: John Miszt

To celebrate John Miszt's latest work on Hardwired, we decided to put him through a clearly very difficult task of selecting his top 5 tracks of all time. After much deliberation, here's John's top five.

Omni Trio - First Contact​

‘Those haunting keys still make the hair stick up on my neck, if you played GTA III, you know this amazing "intelligent" D&B track. On the chilled tip and two decades on, but won't sound out of place for years I'm sure. Omni Trio set the artistic standard in drum and bass for me, the simplicity and atmosphere stands out as a small master piece in the history of D&B.'

John B - Take Me Home

‘Way on the otherside of the D&B spectrum is this high energy, filthy (in more ways than bass) main room number, a tune of it's time for sure, John B doing what John B does in his extroverted and over the top way. More of an influence on my DJ sets than my music production, a track I still bring up on Spotify on the reg.'

Faithless - Insomnia

‘I spent about 15 years clubbing, raving, djing and putting on naughty parties in disused buildings and fields from the early 00s until a few years ago. This track was the soundtrack to my life for a long time; massive saws, a lead that will be remembered and copied for decades to come, and a live spoken vocal that sends dancefloors into a frenzy...'

Nirvana - Terratorial Pissings

'Grunge at it's best, insane drums by Dave Grohl (now front man of Foo Fighters), even crazier lyrics and high energy distorted guitar in the way only Kurt Cobain could pull off. I've been gutted since 1994 that I discovered Nirvana just 9 months before his death. This track brings together alot of things I love from both grunge/punk and drum and bass, the drums alone are just insane.'

Amy Winehouse - Love Is A Losing Game​

'Really tough choosing a track that influences and reflects my taste in vocal music on the emotive/cheesier end - infact Auz had more than a few emails saying I'm nearly done but still stuck. But between Alicia Keys, Amy Winehouse, Tanya Stephens and so many more, this tracks wins out today. I'm a sucker for beautiful vocals, and when combined with lyrics from one of the world's deepest recording artists, well... just have a listen, if you're man enough. ❤ RIP Amy'

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