Influences: Ruffie

To finish off our 'Hardwired' catalogue for 2017 we introduce Ruffie. With past releases on labels such as Automate, and two new heaters on our sub-label (Spotify / our store), we caught up to find out what makes him tick.

Adam F - Metropolis

‘The original Metalheadz sound! I’m in love with this tune: simple, effective and a dance floor killer! This tune showed me that you don’t necessarily need a lot of samples and complex sound design to create proper vibes. This was actually the first tune that drew me closer to the sound I’m trying to represent.'

Source Direct – Technical Warfare​

‘I don't think there’s a Source Direct track out there that I don't like. In my opinion their album, 'Exorcise the Demons', are is an absolute masterpiece. Even so many years after it's release in '99, it sounds so futuristic you can still can play it in any set. A perfect combination of industrial, dark, nightmarish sounds, stabs and strings with heavy, signature SD beats. I heard some rumors floating around about new Source Direct tunes, I really hope that we will get those, very soon. Goose bump business!'

Mobb Deep, Nas & Raekwoon – Eye for an Eye

‘The mighty duo, Mobb Deep. Hip-Hop is a big inspiration in my production, especially the old school type. Mobb Deep’s album, 'The Infamous' is one of my all time favourite albums, all of their beats & lyrics are top. I can listen the whole album from the beginning to the end on repeat without getting bored to of it. As I’m a big fan of the whole album, it was hard to choose only one tune. I always considered hip-hop as a modern time poetry, and I think this album proves my point well. RIP Prodigy.'

Rammstein – Sonne​

'I’ve been a huge Rammstein fan since my younger days. Their industrial sound, usage of Spectrasonics sample libraries in a very creative way, heavy drums and cool video clips with dark humor and social criticism makes them more than just your usual hard rock/industrial metal group - even though I don’t speak German so don’t always understand their lyrics properly. Unfortunately, I never made it to any of their live shows, but I would like to attend in one of the concerts in the future.'

Vangelis – Rachel’s Song (Bladerunner OST)​

'I’ve always loved movie scores from artists like Hans Zimmer, Steve Jablonsky or Vangelis. This tune caught my ear watching the original Bladerunner movie. Beautiful vocals with signature Vangelis strings and synths that take me to another place. I was really happy that Hans Zimmer kept the original Bladerunner soundtrack concept in the new movie’s score, in some tracks even took it to a next level, in my opinion.'

Grab Hardwired_008 from our webstore now.


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