Colony - Youyouyou / Helix [TB037]

Colony - Youyouyou / Helix [TB037]

Terabyte’s past roll of the dice for 2018 is more like two rolling armadillos - these tracks have armour.


Courtesy of Context Audio maestros Colony, these two shells are straight from a weapons cache and ready to fire.


“Helix” combines crisp drums with marauding stabs and a relentless sub bass, whereas “Youyouyou” is an altogether different beast, mixing catchy vocals with an arrangement that seems to combine a footwork, half time feel with a rolling one - one for the likes of Fixate and co.


Co-founder Auzi says of the release: “Another technical masterpiece from up and coming UK-based Colony. If these guys keep up the momentum we want to help build for them, I foresee big moves.”


Whatever usually floats your boat, this will take your fancy; the two-track is testament to the quality-driven, style-agnostic mantra Terabytehas embodied throughout its lifespan.


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