Hardwired_006 - Solace - Absolute / Octahound -Glimmer

Hardwired_006 - Solace - Absolute / Octahound -Glimmer

Next up on the ever-expanding Terabyte sub-label Hardwired brings two new names to the roster, Solace & Octahound.


The opening track from Solace, ‘Absolute’, paints a scary, haunting soundscape followed by marauding bass drones. As the track rolls, percussive elements give it two-step vibe that’ll be sure to go off in the dance. Think Loxy, Ink, Overlook et al.


Glimmer’, the second track from dynamic duo Octahound, is an all together different tip. Mesmerising vocals alongside an uncomplicated yet expertly-crafted bassline make for an excellent vocal track fit for any mix or any playlist; the funk is evident.


These tracks represent these artists first milestones at the Terabyte Records camp, and our portfolio continues to grow in every which way D&B will allow.


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