Hardwired_007 - John Miszt - Search / Zero.db

Hardwired_007 - John Miszt - Search / Zero.db

The 7th installment of Terabyte sub-label Hardwired brings another new artist, John Miszt, into the limelight.


The opening track ‘Search’, kicks off with haunting vocals amongst an exotic soundscape that pulls you under the surface with a compination of subtle basslines and accentuated drum work.


Zero.db’ is far more leftfield. Arpeggiated FX amongst a far more stepping beat gives life to music more akin to breakbeat than to D&B.


With very different styles in both tracks, this is a testament to John Miszt’s abilities and variation in production. Head honcho Auzi had this to say:


“John has been on my radar for some years now, and this has been in the works for about the same length of time. I first came across John’s name on Trackitdown 6-7 years ago when I used to trawl the site for new artists and releases. A few years later his tunes landed in my inbox, and here we are!”


Expect more good to follow from this artist!



x2 WAVs & Album Art


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