Marsden - Aether / Symphony [TB032]

Marsden - Aether / Symphony [TB032]

Terabyte Records kick off the year in age-old fashion with some liquid rollers from Marsden. Known in a previous life as Zach Herer, he has been working with the label right from its earliest moments. After years of maturing his sound, 2018 was the right time to deliver this expert single that would be at home on major label imprints like Fokuz or Spearhead.


‘Aether’ combines keys and arpeggiated synth with a rolling drum paving a new path in liquid sound design.


‘Symphony’ would not be out of place in a DJ Marky or Lenzman set. As the name suggests, a cacophony of brass and strings give this track an edge of beauty.


Label boss Auzi had this to say; ‘Zach has worked hard on his sound for a long while, and now under a new guise I’m sure he can surpass the standards he set for himself. I have every confidence that he can set a GLXY-like path of heater after heater.’


2x WAVs & album art


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