Objectiv - Inception / Prophecies [HRDW009]

Objectiv - Inception / Prophecies [HRDW009]

To the beady-eyed amongst you, this announcement should come as no surprise. This artist’s talents are clear for all to see, and is already making waves amongst the D&B community, with releases on Lifestyle and Fragments. May we proudly present our 9th instalment of our sub-label/series ‘Hardwired’, fronted by Felix Hulbert  AKA Objectiv.


The opening track ‘Inception’ oozes a techy, stepping vibe complimented by hammering mids and bass.  If you like what Skeptical and Alix Perez do when they collab, you’ll love this.


‘Prophecies’ again is one for the steppers. Clean drums, deftly placed FX and a chest-slapping bassline make this tune one for the big rigs.


Label boss Auzi has his say on the piece:


“Felix clearly is beginning to make a name for himself. He’s up their in our top bracket of producers from a sound design perspective, and his popularity particularly on social media will stand him in good stead for great things. This release will turn heads.”


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