Quantum Mechanix - Run This / Vendetta [TB033]

Quantum Mechanix - Run This / Vendetta [TB033]

The Terabyte Records behemoth is well and truly rolling for 2018 with the arrival of it’s latest release from UK-based duo Quantum Mechanix, who’s relationship with the label stems back to the ‘Hardwired_001’ LP in 2015. Since then the pair have seen a string of releases on labels including Nurtured Beatz, and are returning to Terabyte with a firebrand single.


The a-side, ‘Run This’, fuses a dark and eerie intro sequence with hard hitting drum work; think of a Hydro & War tune with new boxing gloves on.


If those boxing gloves weren’t punching hard enough, the b-side ‘Vendetta’ is this year’s heavyweight champion, giving Dom & Roland, Technical Itch, and maybe even Ed Rush & Optical something to think about.


‘This single is seriously aggressive. Over the last few years we’ve put out a lot of half-time, beats, juke and footwork. It’s about time we came back to the sounds that got Altered Perception and I into D&B in the first place – cold, hard dancefloor killers. Quantum Mechanix do that in spades’, said label co-owner Auzi.


Whether you’re skittling crowds over in primetime slots, killing your graveyard sets, or looking for something or your streaming playlists, this EP ticks all the boxes.


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