Remixes vol. 2

Remixes vol. 2

Terabyte Records re-emerge from a winter of hibernation with a barnstorming update of their ‘Remixes, vol’ series, dipping into releases of the recent past and giving them a brand new lick for 2019 from two reputable label bosses from the D&B scene.


The a-side remix of a new classic, Marsden’s ‘Aether’, comes from US-based liquid genius, Random Movement. Famous for his Flight Patterns podcasts and his label of the same name, he puts his own jazzy spin on Marsden’s beautiful original.


The b-side remix is right at the other end of the spectrum, as Nurtured Beatz co-boss Kalm entirely reskins Quantum Mechanix’s ‘Vendetta’. As well as his solo work, Kalm is known as part of collab group Kolectiv of Dispatch, Diffrent and Cyberfunk fame amongst others, and his talents shine through in this merky reinterpretation.


Co-founder Auzi is particularly proud to get back to a remix series that was last picked up over 5 years ago:


“It excites us equally as much bringing established talent into our roster as it does giving opportunities to blood new ones – remix packages are a perfect opportunity to do both. Whatever flavour you’re into, this fits the bill.”


This release sets the bar high for the rest of 2019, and we can’t wait to unleash other projects!


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